iCura Diagnostics Validated Panels

About iCura Validated Panels

At iCura Diagnostics, we are proud to offer a range of meticulously validated panels that provide comprehensive insights into various diseases and conditions. Our panels undergo rigorous testing and validation processes to ensure accuracy, reliability, and clinical relevance. With a focus on immuno-checkpoint analysis and tumor microenvironment characterization, our validated panels are designed to support clinicians, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies in their pursuit of advanced diagnostics and personalized medicine.

Currently Validated Panels:

1. Akoya MOTiF Lung Panel (Pan-Cancer Immune Check-Point Panel):

Our Akoya MOTiF Lung Panel offers a pan-cancer approach to immune check-point analysis. It includes markers such as PanCK (AE1/AE3), CD8, CD68, FoxP3, PD-1, and PD-L1. This panel is validated for use in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal carcinoma.

2. Akoya MOTiF Melanoma Kit:

The Akoya MOTiF Melanoma Kit focuses specifically on melanoma research. It includes markers such as S100, Sox10, CD8, CD68, FoxP3, PD-l, and PD-L1.

3. Five-Marker TME Panel:

Our Five-Marker TME Panel enables the characterization of the tumor microenvironment. It includes CD25, CD8, FoxP3, PD-L1, and Granzyme B.

4. Five-Marker Panel for Classic Hodgkin's Lymphoma:

Designed for classic Hodgkin’s lymphoma, this panel includes CD30, CD15, Pax-5, CD20, and MUM-1 markers for accurate diagnosis and monitoring.

5. T Cell and Macrophage for TME Panel:

Our T Cell and Macrophage Panel offers a detailed analysis of T cell and macrophage markers within the tumor microenvironment. It includes CD4, CD8, Ki-67, Granzyme B, iNOS, CD68, CD163, and PanCK (AE1/AE3).

6. Dendritic Cells and Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells Panel:

This panel is designed to evaluate dendritic cells and myeloid-derived suppressor cells within the immune system. It includes markers such as CD11c, CD11b, CD123, HLA-DR, CD14, CD15, and PanCK (AE1/AE3).

Custom Panels:

In addition to our validated panels, we offer custom panel design services tailored to our clients’ specific requirements. Our team can develop and validate custom panels within a timeline of 1-2 months. This flexibility allows us to address unique research or diagnostic needs and deliver personalized solutions.

At iCura Diagnostics, we are committed to advancing precision medicine through our validated panels. By providing accurate and comprehensive insights into disease mechanisms, our panels empower healthcare professionals and researchers to make informed decisions and drive innovation in patient care.

Please note that the availability of panels may vary. For more information or to inquire about specific panels, please contact our team.