We leverage advanced laboratory technologies to provide diagnostic modules including spatial biology, liquid biopsy, proteomics, genomics, and biomarker discovery and validation.

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  • We cater to the specific demands of our clients by offering advanced laboratory testing solutions fueled by scientific, academic, and industrial expertise.
  • We have agile and flexible teams of experts and laboratory professionals.
  • Our efficient project assignments ensure fast turnaround times, alleviating client anxiety when time-sensitive projects are at stake.
  • We specialize in histology, multiplex IHC/IF, immune-therapy, cell and gene therapy, spatial biology, tumor microenvironment, organoid culture systems, and other areas crucial for drug discovery, translational research, and clinical diagnosis.
  • With our dedicated teams of MD pathologists and PhD scientists, we ensure effective communication and a deep understanding of our clients’ requirements

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Thorough, Tested, Trusted

CLIA High Complexity Certified

With unparalleled expertise, uncompromising accuracy, and strict regulatory compliance, we provide precise, reliable, and compliant research solutions. Partner with us and experience the assurance of working with a lab that upholds the highest standards, delivering unparalleled results for your organization’s success.

CAP Accredited

Trust our CAP accredited lab to provide you with accurate, insightful, and actionable results that drive success and validation for your projects. We maintain rigorous quality control and reliable diagnostics, and deliver the highest standards in our field.

State of the Art Tech

With unmatched accuracy, efficient turnaround times, and advanced analytics, we harness the power of innovation to deliver precise results, drive impactful discoveries, and empower our clients to take the next step in their projects.

Certified Professionals

Experience the advantage of certified professionals at iCura. With cutting-edge insights and collaborative excellence, our certified team brings a diverse range of specialized skills to deliver precise and reliable solutions that drive your projects forward

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University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center iCura
University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center
"We have discussed multiple projects and research ideas with the iCura Diagnostics Team. The team is highly knowledgeable, quick to respond, highly proficient and passionate about studies and services they provide. We are highly confident on our projects working out with them."
Andrew H Fischer, MD
Professor and Director of Cytopathology
SpIntellx iCura
SpIntellx, Inc.
"AI based digital pathology and spatial biology data analysis and interpretation is quite picky for the quality of the image data, as most of the experts in the field have realized. We find the high-resolution, low noise, and best tissue morphology reservation of the image data sets produced at iCura lab the most dependable data source for downstream data analysis and AI training across platforms."
B. Dusty Majumdar, PHD
Chief Executive Officer
Northwestern Medicine iCura Testimonial
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
"iCura Diagnostics provided premium quality of multiplex IF of glioblastoma. With this company's excellent work, we can now study the tumor immune microenvironment in a precise and elegant way. Multiplex IF was coupled with digital whole slide scanning services with fast turnaround time and very reasonable cost. The expertise and professionalism of the pathologist and scientists are hard to find!"
Victor Andres Arrieta, MD & Adam Mendel Sonabend Worthalter, MD
Department of Neurosurgery

Provide all the information you need to have your lab accredited by major regulatory agencies

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Laboratory Accreditation and Test Validation

Our Board Certified Pathologists and laboratories operational professionals have years of experience in clinical laboratory accreditation and test validation. We have successfully helped many labs in obtaining accreditation and Covid19 test validation recently.

Our pathologists hold active licenses to practice as a physician/pathologist.