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Digital Pathology

Digital whole slide image and multiplexing IF/IHC. We provide whole slide imaging of bright field (HE, IHC, Special Stains) and Multiplexing IF/IHC with image analysis services in a CLIA/CAP, GLP compliant environment. 

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Circulating Tumor Cell

Circulating Tumor Cell is an advanced diagnostic tool with multiple applications in clinical research, cancer management, and disease prognosis. At iCura, we provide this test on an FDA-approved platform to meet your needs in clinical research, clinical trials, as well as medical diagnostics. Our operation is compliant with GLP, CAP, CLIA regulations. 

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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

The development of precision medicine and targeted therapy has generated a huge demand for genetic biomarker testing. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is playing a pivotal role in providing key information about patient genetic profile to guide the drug development and clinical management. At iCura, we leverage the state-of-art technology and highly reliable platforms of NGS to deliver critical information for our drug development partners, academic researchers, and clinical oncologists. Our operations is compliant with GCP, GLP, CAP, CLIA regulations. 


Consultation for Laboratory Test Validation and Accreditation

Clinical laboratories performing diagnostic tests are heavily regulated in the United States. At iCura, we have a team of Board Certified Pathologists and Laboratory Professionals with years of experience and expertise at your service to provide all the information you need to have your lab accredited by major regulatory agencies, and your tests validated to meet the most stringent requirements.