Elevating Oncologic Studies with State-of-the-Art Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and Digital PCR Platforms

iCura Diagnostics is proud to offer advanced Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and Digital PCR platforms that provide high throughput and reliable genetic testing for oncologic studies. With the capacity to process both tumor tissue and liquid biopsies, our state-of-the-art technologies deliver valuable insights into cancer genetics, enabling personalized medicine and improved patient outcomes.

NGS, a revolutionary approach, offers a wide range of applications in genomic analysis. Our NGS platform empowers researchers to rapidly sequence whole genomes, enabling comprehensive exploration of genetic variations, and comprehensively analyze genetic alterations, including single nucleotide variants, insertions/deletions, copy number variations, and structural rearrangements. Additionally, it allows for deep sequencing of target regions, enabling focused investigation of specific genomic regions of interest. By leveraging our NGS platform, researchers can uncover the intricate genetic makeup of tumors, gaining a deeper understanding of cancer development and treatment response.

The application of RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) through our NGS platform unveils novel RNA variants and splice sites, and enables precise quantification of mRNAs for gene expression analysis. Researchers can leverage this technology to gain a deeper understanding of gene expression patterns, transcript isoforms, and regulatory mechanisms.

Our NGS platform also facilitates the analysis of epigenetic factors. It enables the investigation of genome-wide DNA methylation patterns, shedding light on the role of epigenetic modifications in gene regulation and disease development. Additionally, NGS allows for the study of DNA-protein interactions, providing insights into transcription factor binding, chromatin structure, and regulatory networks.

In clinical trial studies and oncological research, NGS is instrumental in sequencing cancer samples. By employing our advanced platform, researchers can study rare somatic variants, characterize tumor subclones, and unravel the genetic heterogeneity within tumors. This information aids in understanding tumor evolution, treatment response, and the identification of potential therapeutic targets.

Beyond oncology, NGS opens doors to exploring the human microbiome. Researchers can analyze the genetic material present in microbial communities, gaining insights into the diversity, abundance, and functional potential of microorganisms inhabiting different environments. Furthermore, NGS plays a crucial role in pathogen identification, allowing for the rapid detection and characterization of novel pathogens.

iCura Diagnostics’ Digital PCR offers valuable insights into tumor heterogeneity, treatment response, and minimal residual disease. It allows for the precise quantification of genetic alterations, enabling the tracking of tumor dynamics and the assessment of treatment efficacy. By utilizing our Digital PCR platform, researchers can obtain critical information for personalized treatment strategies and disease monitoring.

At iCura Diagnostics, we understand the importance of reliable and accurate genetic testing. Our NGS and Digital PCR platform undergoes stringent quality control measures, ensuring robust and reproducible results. Our team of skilled scientists and Board Certified Pathologists follows best practices in sample preparation, sequencing, and data analysis, guaranteeing precise and reliable genetic information.

With iCura Diagnostics’ advanced NGS and Digital PCR platforms, researchers and healthcare professionals gain access to comprehensive genetic insights that drive oncologic studies forward. The precise genetic profiling obtained through our technologies enables personalized treatment strategies, biomarker discovery, and targeted therapies.

Experience the power of state-of-the-art genetic testing with iCura Diagnostics. Our commitment to technological advancements ensures that we provide the most reliable and advanced solutions for oncological research, clinical trial studies, and patient care. From rapid whole-genome sequencing to in-depth analysis of target regions, RNA sequencing, epigenetic investigations, and beyond, our NGS platform paired with the sensitive detection offered by Digital PCR empowers researchers and specialists to unlock the full potential of genomic exploration. Partner with iCura Diagnostics and revolutionize your oncologic studies today.

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