Introducing Our Validated 6-Plex 7-Color Lung Cancer and Melanoma Panel: Precision Diagnostics Redefined

At iCura Diagnostics, we are thrilled to announce the successful validation of our groundbreaking 6-Plex 7-Color Lung Cancer and Melanoma Panel. This cutting-edge panel revolutionizes precision diagnostics, offering a comprehensive and accurate approach to detect and monitor lung cancer and melanoma. Designed with scientific excellence in mind, our panel integrates state-of-the-art technologies and expertise in next-generation sequencing and multiplex fluorescence-based assays.

Our 6-Plex 7-Color Panel allows for simultaneous detection and quantification of key genetic alterations associated with lung cancer and melanoma, providing a comprehensive snapshot of the genomic landscape in these cancers. The multiplex approach saves valuable time and samples, while the 7-color fluorescence technology enhances the resolution of complex genetic alterations.

The validation process involved rigorous testing against well-characterized reference samples, ensuring utmost accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity. This panel enables researchers and clinicians to make well-informed decisions about treatment plans and patient management, optimizing therapeutic outcomes.

At iCura, compliance with industry standards and regulatory guidelines is paramount. Our validated panel adheres to rigorous quality control measures and follows Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), ensuring the highest level of data integrity and reliability.

Explore our new gallery of validated tests, offering valuable insights into our panel’s applications and performance. Empower your research with precision diagnostics, where innovation and accuracy converge for transformative oncology research.

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